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Getting lazy

I used to spend my Sunday mornings with 8 tabs open. Now I can be lazy: position rankings in one table. 

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WEEK 13 TOP 5 QBS  |    all QBs>
Tom Brady2.5715124141
Lamar Jackson3.7141315466
Patrick Mahomes4.28621031617
Dak Prescott4.7148682252
Kyler Murray5.7147563775
WEEK 13 TOP 5 RBS  |    all RBs>
Jonathan Taylor1.0001111111
Joe Mixon2.2863222322
Austin Ekeler4.42911335234
Najee Harris5.85745612653
Leonard Fournette7.14314659565
WEEK 13 TOP 5 WR  |    all WRs>
Cooper Kupp1.1431121111
Tyreek Hill2.4292314322
Justin Jefferson3.1433432235
Mike Evans6.14361083673
Stefon Diggs6.71478410468
WEEK 13 TOP 5 TES    |    all TEs >

Oct 24, 2021 – added 4 PPR sources: FantasyData, WalterFB, ffCalc, SportingNews

Oct 22, 2021 – addressed player naming inconsistencies.

Sep 29, 2021 – added NFL Standard source ffCalc: FantasyFootballCalculator.com

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Get lazy

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Travis Kelce1.0001111111
Rob Gronkowski3.4293344532
Mark Andrews3.57122310323
George Kittle3.7145623244
Kyle Pitts6.85768621277