Weekly NFL fantasy player rankings

Getting lazy

I used to spend my Sunday mornings with 8 tabs open. Now I can be lazy: position rankings in one table. 

Get lazy –> get the landscape view at lazyFantasy.com before you set your lineups. Dig deeper at the source sites by clicking the headers. Updates >

WEEK 17 TOP 5 QBS  |    all QBs>
Josh Allen1.7141212132
Patrick Mahomes3.57126213110
Aaron Rodgers3.7145534243
Tom Brady3.7146343424
Matthew Stafford5.57110455555
WEEK 17 TOP 5 RBS  |    all RBs>
Jonathan Taylor1.4291114111
Dalvin Cook3.3335031425
Nick Chubb4.28623221083
Joe Mixon5.2867248358
Austin Ekeler6.33380632109
WEEK 17 TOP 5 WR  |    all WRs>
Cooper Kupp1.0001111111
Davante Adams2.0002222222
Deebo Samuel3.5713354433
Justin Jefferson4.5714436384
Tyreek Hill5.0005543648
WEEK 17 TOP 5 TES    |    all TEs >
Travis Kelce1.7141231221
George Kittle2.2863322312
Mark Andrews2.5712116134
Rob Gronkowski4.4294445743
Dallas Goedert5.4295764466

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Dec 9, 2021 – codified some manual steps in html tables generation

Oct 24, 2021 – added 4 PPR sources: FantasyData, WalterFB, ffCalc, SportingNews

Oct 22, 2021 – addressed player naming inconsistencies.

Sep 29, 2021 – added NFL Standard source ffCalc: FantasyFootballCalculator.com

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